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  We offer the experience of hunting over well trained and seasoned Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, German Wirehairs, and German Shorthairs. They are trained to hunt hard, hold the point until after the shot, and then retrieve the birds back to hand. The excitement of hunting over well trained dogs creates a very relaxed and enjoyable hunt. I often hear "I love to watch the dogs work, almost as much fun as the shooting ". We invite you to bring your dogs down and join in the fun.

   At a little under a 800 acres, with a variety of terrain, we can tailor a hunt to your abilities and desires. Our terrain consists of CRP (restored native grassland), creek bottoms, windbreaks, stubble fields, cattail patches, pond banks and slough patches, hillsides, draws and rough cover. With this variety of cover and terrains, our game bird hunts are as easy or as demanding as you wish.    

    Our typical package is set up for arrival afternoon arrival. After enjoying a dinner at one of the fine dining establishments, spend the evening relaxing in comfort. After a sumptous breakfast it's off to the Hunt Club. Upon arrival, we go through the necessary licensing and rules checklist and then off to the hunt ! Refreshments are supplied during the hunt, and at lunch time we are back at the club house for a great meal. After the last swallow of coffee or soda, its back to the hunt ! At the end of the days excitement, numerous photos, brags and commiserations, you return to the lodging and the many fine dining choices in Great Falls. After dinner, a little tv, and then its off to bed for the next days hunting adventure. After breakfast , its out to the hunt club for the days hunting. At lunch we have another great meal, and afterwards its out to finish the day. Upon completion of the days hunting, your days birds are all cleaned & processed for your return trip home. Upon leaving, you start to plan for your next trip, and start thinking of dates...